To satisfy various requests for materials and services, Scriba operates in the following fields:

Wine, food and cosmetics labels

5-manaresi Labels are an essential marketing tool, for production and consumption purposes. Labels contain information and instructions for use, they guarantee the product and stand for legality, they confer a specific character and a well-defined identity to the product, making it unique and recognizable among all others. In the ambit of adhesive labelling, SCRIBA enhances the image of your products, backed up by increasingly sophisticated and cutting edge technologies, highly qualified staff and competitive lead times. Our up-to-the-minute machinery enables us to use a wide range of printing techniques to satisfy the requirements of an increasingly discerning clientele and an ever evolving market. Printing techniques also enable the personalization customers need in order to stand out on an increasingly global market: from screen printing to offset, letterpress, flexography and combined techniques, with all types of finishes, hot and cold foil, plastification, coating, embossing; on various materials and for different industries: food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals.

Pros Lower costs thanks to a quick and easy application – The possibility to use a vast range of materials: natural or glossy paper, synthetic or bonded materials, combined with stickers and supports for all requirements – Die-cutting in any shape – The possibility to apply all types of finishes (hot foil, cold foil, UV coating, relief coating, embossing, etc).

Field of application – Glass or plastic bottles and containers


      In-Mould labels make a strong impact thanks to the extraordinary quality of their decorative elements and certainly represent one of the most modern techniques for plastic container packaging. The printing and packaging solutions used for these labels are often very complex and refined, with the intent of catching the consumer’s eye. The IML technique guarantees a perfect labelling result: totally devoid of glue residue, creases or bubbles. The label cannot be removed and is perfectly smooth and flat when applied to the container, similar to a framed picture. IML technology consists in decorating bottles, containers and other plastic parts directly in injection or blow moulds. The label is produced on a plastic film and the availability of different materials enables the production of one-piece containers already labelled and of completely recyclable decorated plastic parts.

      Pros Not only is it possible to recycle the used container but production waste too. The great advantage of IML technology is that the manufacturing process consists of a single phase. IML labelling makes the labelling machine superfluous thus integrating what used to be two distinct manufacturing phases in one single process. The exclusion of the labelling machine eliminates a potential source of machine downtime and increases efficiency all along the production line.
      Fields of application • Food storage containers • Plastic containers • Thinwall packaging • Injected tubes • Semi durable goods • Drinking glasses • Technical parts

      Thanks to their strong promotional impact, the use of shrink sleeve labelling has contributed to boost the sales of many leading brands. It is now of fundamental importance for products on display to attract the consumers’ attention, with a stand-out image that sets them apart from competing brands. Shrink sleeves offer a wide scope for decoration and are suitable for glass, plastic and even metal containers. They adapt to all shapes and are ideal when used as seals to ensure safety and freshness. Once it is heat shrunk, the sleeve adheres perfectly to the shape of the container. The decoration technique consists in heat shrinking a plastic tube which sheathes the container thanks to the use of hot air or steam. This form of packaging not only looks attractive but also protects the container during use and transportation.

      Pros • Decoration for containers of all shapes • The sleeves can act as safety seals (to prevent tampering) or to ensure freshness • Possible to allow for perforation or the application of tear-tape • Reverse printing ensures total protection of the graphic design • Ultra gloss finish, metalized effects, pearlescent and fluorescent inks • Highly resistant to the product contents • Single application process

      Fields of application • Plastic packaging and bottles • Glass packaging and bottles



    The planning and management of each phase of the project, from enveloping to posting, with messages tailor made to customer requirements. Advisory services on Privacy and the provision of address files


    For many years, SCRIBA has been engaged in the direct management of files on behalf of Municipal Governments, designing and printing the sets of forms necessary for issuing a variety of local taxes and fees to the taxpayer (property taxes, waste collection taxes, school meal fees, votive lamps, fines and penalty charges, bill posting charges etc.). Our services comprise the handling of all administrative practices regarding postal authorizations, the customization of forms and pre-printed paying in slips, enveloping, the sorting of mail to comply with Post Office regulations and the forwarding of mail to the PO Depot for shipment or direct delivery on behalf of the local authorities.

    • Data reception and the creation of documents
      SCRIBA plans, produces and manages customized business communication documents on behalf of its clients starting from any format. This services consists in the coordinated graphic design of sets of forms and their subsequent transformation into technical and executive products for production and printing. They are rendered through the management of existing graphic files or the creation of new files, according to the guidelines and input received from customers.
      The documents are designed to be reproduced on pre-printed paper or plain paper, in full colour or black and white.
    • Data management and processing
      The data received in electronic form, through dedicated software, is analyzed, processed and printed. The process allows for the insertion of barcodes for automated handling, progressive numbering, special characters or symbols. Data may be transmitted either in electronic format through the SCRIBA server or using physical data storage supports such as CDs, DVDs or other memory storage solutions. If required by the customer, SCRIBA can provide an indexed archive containing all true copies of the documents generated.
    • High speed printing
      The technology adopted supports a vast range of options and solutions for addressing the most diversified needs, both in terms of production volumes and technical characteristics. Printing on plain or pre-printed paper, in black and white or full-colour, single side or duplex printing, thus allowing for the optimization of a process which, when all is said and done, translates into an authentic cost saving operation, guaranteeing high quality and legibility.
    • Smart enveloping
      The enveloping phase is an intrinsic part of the computerized management of the entire data handling process; automation ensures that envelope contents are consistent. The merging of multi-page inserts in the order required and the sorting of correspondence is subject to an extremely flexible and dynamic management process, in compliance with the regulations laid down by the various operators. The batches of envelopes thus generated are then ready to be handed over to the post office or private couriers.
    • Posting
      This is the final stage of the entire process in which the documents are subdivided by special automatic sorting equipment in compliance with current regulatory norms and finally handed over physically to the post office or courier for delivery.
    • Pros
      An ideal way to reach customers/suppliers in any given area.
    • Fields of application
      Invoicing, billing, multi services, payment requests, direct mailing, etc.


      • Standard or customized continuous forms
      • Continuous forms with tear perforations and edge-glued forms for terminals
      • Approved and numbed payslips
      • Advertising mailing campaigns
      • Mailers

    • Instruction leaflets for Technical products, Medicaments and Cosmetics

      The explanatory leaflet is an official and mandatory document which must be included in the packaging in all those cases stipulated by the law, particularly in the case of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.


      The need to include more and more information, often in multiple languages, in an increasingly large format for inclusion in a very small packs, imposes a particularly attentive choice with regard to the type of paper and printing ink, to guarantee a final product that is exceptionally light, opaque and legible, precision cut and easy to fold.


      To compete on an increasingly complex market, SCRIBA uses printing and folding technologies exploiting avant-garde offset lithographic processes to supply quality leaflets with high precision folding for pack insertion on high speed lines, in compliance with customer specifications and special packaging requirements.


      Leaflets are supplied in different formats:

      Flat: for folding on the pharmaceutical or cosmetics line, supplied in wads and protected by stiff carton at each end, held together with paper wraps for rapid use on the line.

      Folded: with parallel and cross folds.

      Prefolded: for folding on the pharmaceutical or cosmetics line, with micro perforation on the central fold to allow air to escape rapidly in the subsequent processing phases.

      On reels: for folding on the pharmaceutical or cosmetics line, packed in reels with a centre hole of 70 mm, and the possibility to add progressive numbering for warehouse management purposes.

      Multiple formats: folded or flat consisting of retro glued multiple sheets.

      With disposable gloves: attached to the leaflet.

      Fields of application  • Medicament packs • Cosmetic packaging • Technical instructions for appliances or other products.

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